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Utilibill® - Trusted by Industry Leaders

Focused on delivering the best billing for our valued clients.


Customer information is available from both our main application and also the customer portal. We provide a full audit of changes carried out on the account. Our integrated CRM ensures you have all your customer’s history when you need it, where you need it.


Arguably one of the most comprehensive billing engines in the business, Utilibill® bills and rates millions of records every day. For Utility and for Telco there are very few plans on the market, our platform can not replicate – this includes bundles, fleets, Time of use metering.

Customer Portal

Email billing is a standard option in our platform and you have the pleasure of full HTML presentation, meaning you can be very specific about your customer’s email designs. This ensures you present your company image in the best light possible.

Email Bills

Email billing is a standard option in our platform and you have the pleasure of full HTML presentation meaning you can be very specific about you customers email designs. This ensures you present your company image in the best light possible.

HTML Invoices

Fully customizable invoices. Put your best foot forward with your own branding and bill formatting. Super fast and incredibly easy to manipulate with our integrated WYSISYG editor. And for those with a design team, the world is your oyster. Come and try it now.


Automated reminder treatment means, no more manual process to chase lazy accounts. Let the smarts of our system automatically send out soft reminders, hard reminders and disconnection notices.

Meter Readings

Meter readings come in different formats. We are ready to serve accepting flat reads, consumption reads, Time of use, Peak Shoulder and Off-Peak as well as Demand and much more.


If you are taking some call volume you may enjoy our integrated Payment IVR which enables customers to pay their bill over the phone without the cost and time of talking to one of your operators.


Merchant facilities enable your customers to pay on the phone, online, at the local post office or service station or even pay automatically. We accept Braintree, Paypal, Ezi Debit, Secure Pay and many more.

Print integration

Some of your customers still want paper bills, with Utilibill® you can choose to either send the bills automatically by email and/or send them to a local print house to generate the bill insert into envelopes and send.


Everyone needs APIs these days to enable the automation between disparate systems. We have over 500-pages of documented APIs with working examples to assist you.

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Utilibill® Testimonials

Now we are on Utilibill we don't have headaches at month end. Automated billing and reminders kick in and my job is done.. This gives me more time to grow my business
John Williams General Manager
Collections efforts have been far more successful since the first month we moved to Utilibill. The automated reminder treatments send emails to customers automatically minimising the manual effort and shortening our average debtor days.
Liz James Manager - Collections
I cannot express enough my appreciation to the efforts .. put in up to and especially this weekend... the migration was a complete success...I hope you are proud of them ... it makes me feel comfortable knowing that we are now partners with people like you all. We are now officially a UB customer.
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