Telco Pricing

Pricing starts at $1500 a month on a non contracted subscription service.

We provide services to telecommunications resellers with over 100,000 active services,aggregators with over 50,000 customers and even startups looking to grow from zero to hero.

Your size matters as it dictates impact on our data centre resources including, CPUs , RAM, storage, disaster recovery and high availability capacity.

Initial on boarding may come with a fee to include;

– Scope of Works
– Gap analysis
– Consulting component
– Integration and customisation work
– On site implementations capabilities
– Project Management requirements
– Data migration services

These items are all variable and as a result the best way for accurate order of magnitude requires a call or email to our solutions development team.

Customers choose us because our systems reduce operational costs to run their business, often giving an immediate uplift to their bottom line. Our competitive pricing is just the start – contact our sales team if you have a specific requirement or would like to see a demo of our telecom environment  hit us up at