Smart Meter integration – LPWAN Sigfox, Lorawan, NBIoT

Utilibill continues to invest in Smart Meter integration both Electricity and Water metering.

The Smart Meter replaces the need for manually reading meters. This technology utilises one of a number of connectivity technologies to provide two way communications between the commercial or customer Electricity meter and in some cases devices with in the home or the industry. Some examples are LoraWan, Sigfox and NbIOT. we work with all of these technologies

The Utilibill Smart Meter for electricity metering is available in a prepaid or post paid format. Please check with your regulator before initiating Pre paid discussions as many markets do not allow this technology yet.

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What is prepaid electricity ?

Prepaid electricity is quite simply a solution where by the customer is activated immediately upon transferring funds by credit card or direct debit. Once the payment is cleared Utilibill’s Auto provisioning platform simply communicates with the smart meter and opens the circuit enabling electricity to flow. There are a number of permutations, however a common application is  not unlike your motorway toll where top ups are done automatically as predefined thresholds are met.

What is Post Paid Electricity with Smart metering ?

Post Paid electricity with Smart metering is exactly like old school delivery of electricity. The only real differences are that the meter can be read with 15 and 30minute incremental data, No data collector has to go to the customers premise to determine monthly usage and the process of disconnecting the electricity can be completed with the click of a Utilibill button.

Utilibill are capable of applying Electricity, Gas, Water and Telecommunications charges on one Bill in areas where regulations allow it..

Call now for more information.. Smart meter Vendors, provide us your device interfaces and we will integrate M2M or B2B with you and then add you to our supported Smart Meter vendors list.