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for your business in Telecoms, Cloud, Utility and internet of things

Transform your business to the cloud

It’s time to make the move to a new platform, one that is cloud-based, available anywhere even on your Mac or iPad. A platform provider for your complex business to work with many other parties that need access to parts of your platform as well as web services for 3rd party integration and automation.

We are here to transform your business.

Cloud platform

Automated Provisioning

Automated Billing

Flexible Rating & Tariffing

Branded Customer Portal

Web Services APIs

Comprehensive Support

Over 50 Carrier Feeds

Import / Export Tools

Informative Dashboards

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Utilibills works perfectly on all screen sizes and mobile devices.

Enjoy our fully responsive platform.

Some of your requirements we suit may include

  • PC
  • Mac, iPad
  • Tablet

Utility Rating Engine

Yet to find a rating method we can not build, Stepped, Tiered, Threshold, Maximum demand for utilities

Telco Rating engine

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with great Tariff plans, and be ready to replicate their goto market plans in a flash. Our rating engine has you covered.

Customer Self Service

The age of customers wanting someone to talk to at the end of the phone are rapidly diminishing, Younger generation expects instant access to the tools they need to manage and modify their account on the fly.

Your customers want to help themselves.

Utilibills integrated self-service Customer Portal solution enables your end-users to help themselves. This saves time for your valued customer, improves their perception of service, and reduces your operational overhead.

Supercharge your business

Remove your manual processes and start running business the way you need to in this fast evolving technology first line of business. Automation reduces errors, minimizes delays and improves customer satisfaction. Get on board!

3rd party platform support

Our Integrated APIs provides adapters for connecting to 3rd Party platforms, including CRM, Payment Platforms, IVRs, Telephony, Analytics and more.

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