Utility bill image of utilities bill from utilibill in format

Invoice Format

Utilibill invoices are 100% HTML which means you are limited only by you or your designers creativity. Here are a few of our customer samples

Full customisation

Insert any Images

Downloads to PDF

Automated sending

Delivery reoprting

Adjust on the fly

Click to pay bill

Click to Customer Portal

Start with a template or build your own.

You will need your company logo, your contact details and number for customer to contact you on.

You will need to have your banking, Bpay and merchant payment details on hand

For Electricity customers you will have a default graph available which can be enabled or disabled in the templates.

This complies to the regulatory requirements for Carbon Emissions reporting.

All of your line items are rolled up into categories such as –
– Network Charges
– Usage Charges
– Account Fees