Electricity Billing System – billing for electricity Retail Companies

Our Electricity Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) is a solution we deploy to customers that have the following profile qualities;

1) Are an embedded network operator or
2) Have arrangements with the likes of AEMO or similar market systems
3) Run a utility company that retails electricity to residential and or commercial and industrial customers or embedded networks
4) You hold a valid license to Sell electricity at Retail or have an exemption for embedded networks
5) Require a platform that enables you to manage all customer interactions including;
-Maintaining Customer information
-Customer sign ups online or over the phone
-Move in and move outs
-Customer enquiries regarding billing and payments , rate cards
-Bill presentation on line with itemised breakdown
-Bill presentation by post or PDF
-Payment platforms including
-Pay by phone
-Pay over the counter (eg Australia Post)
-Pay online with Credit Card
-Direct Debit from credit card
-Direct Debit from Bank Account
-Tokenised payments
-SMS Payment confirmations
-Notifications to customers
-Reporting requirements including
-NEM Reports
-Aged Recs
-Margin analysis
-Bad debt reports
-Sales and Churn reports
-Ombudsman reports and more
-Hardship management
-Life support awareness
-workflow management

Utilibill has a solution that will empower you to get your retail energy company up and running in a flash.
If you have smart meter technologies we can hook your MDMS or smart meter data into the following sample customer portals.

Utilibill solution manages the front end and customer facing and billing side of your business requirements.

-Data collection and inter connectivity with third party MDMA, AMI Smart meters, Cluster servers, Concentrators and collectors
-Plan management for industrial, residential and commercial plans
-Billing, Bill presentment
-Reminder treatment and collections management
-Reporting systems
-Management Dashboards
-Meter Reading imports and IPAD applications
-Payment gateway integration for
-Pay by Phone
-Payment IVR
-Pay by credit Card / Debit Card
-Direct debit from Credit card and Bank account
-Direct bank integration
-Real time monitoring of smart meters

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