Cloud Billing and Metering Project

Cloud Billing and Metering Project at Ok Tedi: CT Prepaid Metering in PNG

Paul Sambath

Paul Sambath

Project Administrator – Cloud Billing and Metering at Ok Tedi

A first of its kind for Western Province and Papua New Guinea (PNG), the project team have been working tirelessly to install and commission the first ever CT Prepaid Meter in PNG!

A “CT” or Current Transformer Meter is installed on any connection where the load is greater than 100 Amps. Although the concept and application of current transformers is not new to electrical metering, the integration of current transformers with prepaid metering is groundbreaking for PNG and we are excited about the implications that this innovation could have on the utilities market within PNG, especially electricity billing.

The Cloud Billing and Metering Project at Ok Tedi so far has really broadened the teams’ perception on the technologies and tools available in improving power metering and revenue collections.

Through the implementation of a hybrid cloud-based platform, we have been able to revolutionize a traditionally, stand-alone system that is hosted on premises, to a state-of-the-art environment available both on the Cloud and locally thanks to our partners and platform providers at Utilibill (

We are excited to be at the fore-front of these innovative changes, not only for our organization, but for PNG as a whole. We will continue to drive this endeavor through to completion and beyond!