Air Conditioning Systems

Appropriately charging tenants for Air conditioning by Volume.

Billing Chiller by Volume and Ratio

Particularly in the EMEA we provide building owners and REITs an integrated solution for billing residents and commercial tenants for Air conditioning. Typical units of measure are tones and litres however we can cater for any means of measure you require.

Common Area Allocations

Common Area charges are allocated either directly to the building owner, to the Anchor tenant or more commonly it is split up across all tenants as a proportion of the space they lease or own.

Recurring Charges

Alongside the consumption of Air conditioning by volume, we also enable you to allocate specific once-off or recurring charges to your customers. Utilibill® makes the recurring charge setup process or do once and repeat many a ‘set and forget’ approach.

Customer Information System CIS / CRM

Utilibill® platform ensures you can capture all the necessary information about your building owners as well as your tenants. All information is logged and changes audited in realtime ensuring every transaction is traceable and all customer interactions recorded.

Integrated Customer portal

Our customer portal both informs your customer of their usage profile but unlike our competition, we also provide SELF ENABLEMENT. This allows customers to modify their account details, change email addresses and move out of the building in a seamless fashion. We take the Customer Self enablement a step further providing an integrated online workflow system that enables your customers to queue their requests directly into the management application.

No more messy emails to import into a ticketing or workflow system.

Job Farming

Utilibill® automates work allocation by problem type on the fly. Manage your resources better with the automation provided. customers enter requests directly into the system and they are automatically allocated to finance, customer service, field techs, collections based on your customizable business rules.

Online Payments

Our comprehensive platform integrates with PAYPAL and Braintree right out of the box, simply enter your Merchant details for either into the system and you can start enjoying customers paying online today.

Auto Pay

Customers love the convenience of auto-pay almost as much as you do. In today’s hectic world allow Utilibill® to automate customer payments drawn directly from their accounts on the due date without hassle.