The new release Version 7 introduces the ability to bill customers of three industry segments in one platform.

Embedded networks, Mass market (Retail) and C&I (Commercial and Industrial) can now all be managed from a single instance.

This is a world first and will lead the way for Utilities looking to either consolidate systems or enter new market segments. Utilibill have invested heavily in Research and Development with teams in Australia, United States and the Philippines working cohesively to bring this to market. With this great innovation customers considering entering new market segments now have the ability to do so without investing heavily in a second system. Time to market is days not months or years and platform operators can enjoy the benefits of a single unified platform they are already familiar with.

In a world that is accelerating the take up of cloud technologies, Utilibill® have extended their capabilities with a  fantastic capability which will prove to be a game changer to those on the platform.

The first customer to take up the platform is Stanwell corporation a QLD government owned Generator and C&I Retailer. The platform wil be progressively rolled out to all customers behind the scenes as part of Utilibills’ routine scheduled release update mandate.  With the exception of Embedded Network operators all transitions will be seamless with new suites of services appearing in the console. Embedded networks not using the NMI or site identifier > Meter > Register topology will be transitioned in a controlled program of work ensuring a seamless experience. Upon completion all customers operating in the Australian marketplace will be transitioned to Version 7.0.x and our single source code will continue to ensure all customers receive each of the regular enhancements moving forward at no charge.

This release of the all in one solution is a game changer and will create great opportunities for those of you looking to expand your business into new markets and at the same time those who are using Utilibill and an alternative solution for another segment now have a clear transition path.