Cloud-based utility billing software provider, Utilibill, is doubling the size of its Melbourne and Philippines offices to keep pace with an expanding client base. The move will enhance the company’s capacity to tailor integrated, cloud-based billing solutions to its customers’ size, sector and unique requirements.

Since its formation in 2005, Utilibill has experienced rapid growth, expanding from its Melbourne headquarters to establish offices in California, Arkansas, and Cebu in the Philippines.

Now, it is launching the next phase of its growth by expanding capabilities in its Melbourne and Philippines offices.

Increased efficiency for service

Morgan Duncan, Managing Director at Utilibill, said the expansion marks an exciting new chapter for the company.

“We’re constantly working to broaden our horizons, grow our brand and strengthen our international reach. Our Market System Integration in Ireland is currently being certified by the Market System Operator,” Mr Duncan said.

The upscale is responsive to the large number of clients Utilibill has recently taken on. It will involve increasing staff in customer service, front and back office to support its existing business and assist in growing the managed service offering.

Greater productivity at its Melbourne headquarters will also ensure its Australian-based account managers can provide high-quality support at no extra cost to customers.

More space, more development

The additional space will also give developers more scope to innovate, with the Philippines office already housing development teams, operational support services and customer service.

The expansion will see a new R&D zone to support future innovation as well as allowing greater engagement and partnerships with local Philippine utilities.

It will also kickstart the development of its new project office, with a dedicated zone for project teams to enable customer co-location for intensive immersions on material projects.

Versatility to increase customer autonomy

Utilibill creates versatile, intuitive software that empowers the customer to make decisions for their bills that are right for them.

Understanding that today’s customers expect billing systems to be fully integrated and accessible via desktop or laptop, Utilibill’s platform is truly cloud-based, with everything consolidated into a single, self-enabled system.

Customisable features provide a range of options to suit clients’ specific needs and requirements. For example, its robust meter–reading tool supports multiple formats, accepting flat reads, consumption reads, time of use, peak shoulder and off peak, as well as demand.

“Our focus is always on how to best serve our customers ad theirs, to equip them with the tools to gain control over their bills,” Mr Duncan said.

Embedded network providers sign up online and follow the guided emails to establish their embedded platform.

While retail and commercial and industrial (C&I) providers are more complex, Utilibill guides its clients through the process of establishing dialogue with customers through to project-level engagement to manage setup, shadow bill runs and transition into production.

By expanding its international capacity across customer service and support, utility engagement, and research and development, Utilibill is gearing up to be better equipped than ever to deliver its self-enabled billing solutions to its clients, whatever the size.