Resistance to change is very natural for even the top most executive in an organization. Though billing solutions offered on the cloud is not a new normal; focusing on specific industry and addressing the pain areas has helped reap a quicker return on investments. Cloud has helped move even the most change resistant CIO’s pretty quickly to derisk their business, increase profitablility and ensure that they offer convenience to the end consumer.

Largely utility companies require huge CapEx which acts as a barrier to entry to many ambitious entrepreneurs and existing businesses around the world. Companies like UtiliBill have been helping small and mid-sized enterprises overcome some of these pain areas with their cost effective cloud billing solution. Primarily targeting municipalities, retailers, Shopping centers, special embedded networks and homeowners associations, they have already penetrated more than 200 key accounts from startups to those with revenue in the hundreds of Millions.

Solving challenges like barriers to entry, High cost of alternative systems, streamlining business processes they have assisted many businesses to improve their operational efficiency at the same time increasing profitability. Competitively priced, UtiliBill have consistently helped reduce utilities platform costs by in excess of 30%, some instances have seen a return on investment on day 1.


Aligning closely to technology players and industry visionaries their team is up to speed on leading edge technologies.

“The nature of billing and its importance to every business; our platform is based on leading edge and not a bleeding edge technology. It’s a delicate balancing act of utilizing technologies that are current but also well supported in the mainstream”

The core products operated by UtiliBill are catered to Utility industry including electricity, Water, Gas, Sewer, and Trash while the other caters to Telecommunication sector including MVNO and MVNE markets. Built from the ground up on the cloud they offer a fully automated onboarding process, HTML invoicing and reminder generation, flexibility in bill formats, a fully integrated customer portal and self-enablement solution which includes move ins and move outs. Finally an iPhone app which is thrown in for free streamlines data acquisition for those who are not ready for the Capex commitment of smart metering.

Driven by the Philosophy of Innovation, UtiliBill has won a number of awards including Deloitte Fast 50 Asia Pac, Telstra business Awards, Commbank Small business awards, Governor of Victoria Awards to name a few. Igor Green and Morgan Duncan founded Utilibill in the year 2008. Igor Green has a long career in highly complex billing systems and has managed major control systems for critical national infrastructure projects. He has strong technology skills coupled with a strong business acumen. Morgan’s background is in innovation and simplification. His previous start-up co-founded with Damian Kay is now trading on the Australian Stock Exchange with revenues approaching $100m. Together Green and Duncan prove a winning combination continually improving the Utilibill proposition, This ensures ongoing efficiency gains for the utilities and progressive self service convenience to the end customer.